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In the aftermath of World War I, Germany is slipping towards disaster. It is becoming a hotbed of radical political movements. NSDAP is fiercely trying to seize power. You have to stop them!

Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch is a very entertaining and exhilarating story which comes to life in a thrilling point-and-click adventure game. The story is set in Germany, in the aftermath of WWI. Put yourself in the shoes of Sebastian Frank and use your ingenuity to solve puzzles, fulfilling the protagonist's quest of stopping Hitler from seizing power.

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The download refers to the demo version of the game entitled Sebastian Frank: The Vienna Prologue.

A challenging and captivating point-and-click adventure game which is the prequel for the first Sebastian Frank Adventure: The Beer Hall Putsch. Get to know Sebastian Frank and help him on his quest.

"In 1908, Vienna was a city of amazing creativity and dangerous tension, the world's capital of Arts. A young german, named Sebastian Frank, is pursuing the dream of becoming an artist at the prestigious Vienna Academy of Fine Arts."




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any idea when we'll see a release

it is fun

@SebastioanFrank: I'd like playing the windows version of your demo. But it doesn't start automatically and there is no link for manual download. Would you please include a manual download link?

@JimmyProvince: It's definitely good the way the game is, swastikas are offensive since the Nazis have used them, and it's good that you aren't able to switch sides. Why should anyone want to switch sides to the Nazis??

Hate this game. Historical inaccurate displacement of symbolism (swastikas are not offensive to me because I am Illum.....) and inability to switch sides.